Three Penny Coin

Nostalgic Collections

These smaller collections are based on memories of bygone years and usually feature a background illustration.

Most of the range is available either framed or as cellophane wrapped backing cards.

British Coinage

Coinage C1a


Frames: Budget or Unframed Card

Please note collection features photograph of Florin and not an actual coin. All other coins are authentic

Rule Britannia

Coinage C2


Frames: Standard or Budget

Coins of the Rock & Roll Years

Coinage C3


Frames: Standard or Budget

Irish Penny

Coinage C4


Frames: Standard or Budget

Penny Farthing

Coinage C6


Frames: Standard or Budget

Winston Churchill Crown Set

Coinage C7


Frames: Standard or Budget


Coinage C10


Frames: Pop Only

Coins of the Isle of Man

Coinage C11


Frames: Standard, Budget or Unframed Card

Queen Victoria Penny

Coinage C12


Frames: Standard, Budget or Unframed Card

London souvenir Set

Coinage C13


Frames: Standard, Budget or Unframed Card

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