Shilling Coin

Limited Editions

These are our largest and most impressive collections. Each one is framed in our luxury moulding and is roughly the size of an A3 sheet. The collections feature a large quantity of of genuine original coins and postage stamps.

Most collections feature coins and stamps form important years together with informative text on the key events that took place in that period.

Each collection is only produced in a limited run and will become unavailable when that run is completed. The current edition number is shown by each listing but please note this information is updated quarterly - Last Update: 1st October 2013.

All limited editions are supplied with a certificate of authenticity which shows its edition number.

World War One - On The Home Front

Coinage LE23


Run of 1,000

Frames: Luxury Only

The Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Collection

Coinage LE7


Current Edition 525 of 1,000

Frames: Luxury Only

The Queen Mother Commemorative Collection

Coinage le3


Current Edition 397 of 2,000

Frames: Luxury Only

The 20th Century Collection

Coinage le1


Current Edition 402 of 1,000

Frames: Luxury Only

Britain at War

Coinage le2


Current Edition 678 of 1,000

Frames: Luxury Only

20th Century Football Memories (England)

Coinage le8


Current Edition 727 of 1,000

Frames: Luxury Only

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